Vivian Haritos (b. 1980) is a multidisciplinary artist and Chicago native based in Albany Park. As a first generation American and daughter of Greek immigrants, she examines themes of cultural adherence, assimilation, and the blurred middle; her work is an intersection of mythology, worldview, and feminine archetypes.

Interested in chromalogia, nostalgia, stasis, and genesis as concepts, her practice is both an exploration of color psychology and stream-of-consciousness painting. In addition to color study, Vivian is drawn to the link between etymology, linguistics, and music as a catalyst and guide.

Vivian received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Certificate in Museum Studies from Northwestern University’s School of Continuing Studies. She has worked within arts and educational non-profits for over 15 years, and currently works with the Chicago Art Department in Pilsen, striving to create a more equitable Chicago through the arts.

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